Confezioni Vip
is an italian
jeans manufacturer

With over 30 years of experience producing jeans, has reached a high level of specialization in processing denim and cotton fabrics.

We produce medium and high quality Jeans, Pants, Skirts, Shirts, Jackets for: Women, Men and Child working fabrics such as: Denim, Stretch, Corduroy, Canvas, Twill...

Working very closely with our washing mill technician we concentrate our efforts in constant research and developement of new wash treatments, which is one of most important things for a top quality denim result.

We work for several UK brands, developing their main line.

We have our own label brand as well.

Our Investronica CAD-CAM system allow our professional pattern makers, to create styles and patterns on your specific requirements.

Confezioni Vip is used to work with foreing groups, so feel free to contact us at any time.

Leave all the process in our hands.

We'll take care of your collection from the first sample to the final shipment.

This are our services:

- Patter Maker
- First prototype
- Sale samples
- pre-production samples
- Cut
- Sewing
- Washing treatment
- Ironing
- Quality control and audit report
- Packaging and shipment



A special line was born in 2006 and is dedicated to pregnant women clothes. This line is specially designed for maternity. It's the result of contant research of the market requests. The maternity clothes line branded 65Plus offer maternity jeans, maternity trousers and tops. Our new maternity jeans collection is for the European market and specially for the UK.

We cooncentrate our efforts in offering the top quality maternity jeans collection to women who can't find a wide range of maternity clothes to cover their beautiful bump.
Our goal is to give affortable maternity jeans with Italian make and quality. And we are doing it! visit our maternity clothes website
Confezioni Vip
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